Updated on June 8, 2023

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Review Pros

  • tons of full-length videos
  • free access
  • regular updates

Review Cons

  • some ads that can be annoying
  • pixelated pussies and penises


MuchoHentai is one of the best free streaming hentai platforms on the web, and there are many reasons for which we make this claim. There is a lot of uncensored hentai on this site, but that’s not everything making this site the right choice for any naughty anime fan who wants to please some of their fantasies through hentai. First of all, they have an entire category of uncensored hentai, and there is just as much content in it as there is in the original Japanese hentai one, which is coming with censorship unfortunately. All the hentai on the site is coming with the original Japanese voice overs, which is how the true otaku fans like it. But all the videos on the site are English subtitled, so that you can immerse yourself in the story of each episode.

Besides videos, Mucho Hentai is also coming with an excellent collection of adult manga, which can be read on a partner site of Mucho Hentai. Some of the manga is coming in the original language and some are translated into English. However, the site is working on translating all the content, but that takes time and they have it in the original version until they finish the job. Also, on a partner site you can find some hentai games that you can play online.

All the content of this site is coming on an excellent streaming platform which can be accessed from both computer and mobile devices. We’ve had a close look at all the aspects of this site and we detailed them in the review that we put together down below.


Latest Releases

Mucho Hentai is a great free streaming site for all the hardcore hentai fans, because their collection is up to date with the latest series and episodes form the adult anime world. That’s because their collection is up to date with the most popular hentai series out there. You can check out the latest releases on the site by going to the “Newest Releases” page, or by selecting the current year from the “release year” browsing tool from the side menu of the website. What I appreciate the most about the latest releases in the Mucho Hentai collection is the fact that they don’t release content that hasn’t been subtitled yet. On most other sites the latest content doesn’t feature the English translation, and weeks can pass before the viewers who are not speaking Japanese could fully enjoy an episode.

As of writing this review, the latest releases are episodes from Kanojo ga Utsu ni Dakarete Hi, Oujo & Onna Kishi W Dogehin Roshutsu and a hentai adaptation of the popular manga Succubus Stayed Life. Overall, the newest releases are featuring many schoolgirl and teacher fantasies, lesbian stories, but also some monster sex and superhero fantasy adventures.


The Design and Functionality Aspects

When it comes to the technicality of the Mucho Hentai website, I can say that it was designed for the hentai fans. It has all the features that you might need and nothing more to overweigh the website and make the navigation confusing. I like the front page of the website, because it comes with the shortcuts for the categories in which the viewers are most interested. The first two are featuring the most recent hentai episodes, and then the list of the most recent episodes that are also uncensored. But then underneath you will find the three most popular categories that the fans of the site are enjoying. I don’t know how much this surprises you, but those three categories are Incest Hentai, Rape Hentai and Loli Hentai.

The right side of the website is dedicated to the tools that will help you browse the collection of series and episodes with much more ease. First of all, you have the release year menu, which we mentioned above. Then you have a list with the thumbnail of the best rated episodes. And then underneath that you will find the most popular tags. There’s also a search bar on the site and thanks to the well tagged content, you will be able to easily find episodes featuring the kinks for which you might search.

Other cool features that the site has can be found in the streaming page of the videos. They come with synopsis, with the rating buttons, with the list of tags, but also with a comment section where viewers can comment on the kinks and action that’s going on in each movie. But the feature that I find the best is the download button, which will let you save your favorite episodes. And there’s also the list of similar titles.


Character Styles And Popular Kinks

Looking over the collection I can say that overall, the hotties on the site are all about curves and big features. You’ll get busty chicks of all ages and characters with big asses. But because the site has a sizable collection of loli hentai, you will also get lots of skinny petite characters. Looking at the most popular episodes, we can say that the community of Mucho Hentai is enjoying busty chicks more than the petite ones.

As for the kinks that are popular on the site, besides those three that we already mentioned and for which Mucho Hentai is offering category shortcuts on the front page of the site, there are some others that come more popular than others. Anal sex is present in so many videos, and there are lots of lesbian stories on the site. A thing that I don’t see in too many hentai collections is solo action. You’ll find so many horny anime hotties masturbating in these episodes. There are many other kinks waiting to be discovered on the site.


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