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HentaiHeaven- Great Anime Porn as Stressbuster!

Hentai soaks up Japanese culture as nothing else does. Artistically drawn, these anime comics sum up different facets of Japanese life including the emotional. They vividly explain love relationships and sexual behavior as well. Watching the anime videos take you one level higher- exploring the entire gamut of emotions through animated drawings. HentaiHeaven is one such porn site that plays on your sexual emotions and helps you release all your stress.

Yes, it is hentai porn at its best and you would do yourself a world of good just watching the amazing scenes. The fact that the site is a free one and all the content is in full HD makes it all the more exciting. Simply because free sites normally do not give you such great quality- both in design as well as the content. In short, you are getting premium-quality porn for free and add to it the design and functionality and you have a dream hentai website.

Sexy Hentai Babes, all in HD!

The pornographic anime is a class act with the babes as sexy as can be. The full HD quality makes them look their best and you would fall in love with these big-eyed, big-boobed cartoons. The voluptuous chicks are so fucking good, you don’t want to let them out of your fucking sight! The stories are classy too and each is told differently. There are multiple episodes in each series and you’d love to watch episode after episode of great quality anime and marvel at the technology bringing all this stuff to you.

Site Design and Functionality

The site looks all sleek in its black background and neat menu beside the logo which is placed at  the top left. The menu has just a few buttons in Newest, Most Fapped, Most Viewed, Most Discussed, By Name (Alphabetically), and By Year. On the left sidebar, you have the search bar at the top followed by the ‘Random” section which accounts for (with drop-down options) Series, Categories, and Settings. Below that, you have the Hentai section which has links to Hentai Games, Hentai Search, and NHentai. The home page itself shows thumbnails of the latest videos

Under the settings tab, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that you have a faplist and a blacklist. If you become a member, you can add your favorite videos to your faplist and the categories you don’t like can go under the blacklist! The blacklist is a great feature because you can blacklist an entire category. Suppose you do not like say, BDSM, then adding BDSM to the blacklist rids that category from your view.

Another great feature is the pagination where you can arrange the videos page-wise or you may have it in an endless scroll down by just clicking a button. Most sites do not have this choice and you end up scrolling down a never-ending page, only to lose track of what you were searching for. These features all come for free and it actually gives you the feel of a premium site!

The search option allows you to zero in on what exactly you want to watch. You can search by series, categories, or names. There is so much fap material on this site and that too of excellent quality, HentaiHeaven could easily put most premium sites to shame.

The design is simply great and here, too, you get the feel of a premium site. Navigation is a breeze and all other functionalities are more than satisfactory. Overall the site’s design and functionality are great and give you a very good experience as a user.

Plenty of hentai series (with subtitles)

HentaiHeaven offers a great number of series with a good storyline and great plots. It is a pleasure following the series, episode after fucking episode and it keeps your interest all perked up to know what the fuck is going to happen next. The stories offer you a combination of a great plot with lots of naughty sex scenes added which makes viewing them so interesting. The hot beauties are a treat to watch anytime and they turn you on even more than real bitches on regular porn sites.

The plots in the hentai series are all fantastic as anything is possible in anime. After all, they are not real but a figment of the imagination of fertile minds. There are stories about perverted old men with young girls, violence, and gore, and a lot of unimaginable things that don’t happen in real life. But then it’s all fantasy and hentai is basically to live your dreams and fantasies! So you have intense rape videos too, depicting a hentai bomb that is kidnapped and tortured before getting into the pleasure acts.

Some of the popular series are Amakano, Idol Sister, Gakuen, Mother Knows Breast, and Spocon. You can stream and scroll through these episodes easily. You can also adjust the quality settings and download the videos for free in different formats. Some of the tags associated with the videos include incest, mind break, futanari, gangbang, vanilla, public sex, teacher, maid, and tentacles. Of course, there are many more and you can check them all out on the site.

The language is Japanese but you have the English subs to follow if you really want to understand what is happening. One wonders why these anime movies can’t be dubbed- these are after all cartoons so to hell with lip-syncing.

The basic scenes depict love amongst hentai characters and there are stories like cheating, School fantasies, lesbian sex, hot threesome fucks, and more. The cheating themes are especially good and there’s a lot of fun in watching them.


  • HentaiHeaven compares to a premium site and it has loads and loads of content of high quality. And all this is for free! Free Hentai is normally thrash but here the videos are excellent- both in quality and in content. There are innumerable series to see and that is a huge plus. The series holds your interest with great plots and lots of sex thrown in. The categories presented are good too. They are all full-length videos and can be watched on any device.
  • The videos are in the Japanese language but they all carry subtitles which is great if you want to know what’s really happening. The subs help understand the essence of the movies and you will then relish them more.


  • The only negative feature is probably the annoying ads. If the ads are removed it becomes better than most premium sites.


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