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If you are looking for a hentai site that has the latest hentai videos and a great collection of classics as well, AnimeIDHentai.com is definitely for you. Although a majority of the videos are in the Japanese language there are English subtitles that help you follow the action. But what the heck, with such great videos, understanding the action is a breeze whatever language they may be in!

AnimeIDHentai has all the latest videos in innumerable genres including uncensored stuff. You may look at this site as the hub of the hentai world because it has everything to do with animated hentai action. Besides the sexy videos, you also have access to hardcore hentai as well as hentai sex games which will make you come like never before! What’s more, admirers of classic hentai will find great old-school videos, and the millennials can have their share of the modern action. All these are available on HD videos that are responsive on any device you wish to see them on.

AnimeIDhentai does not beat around the bush- they stream great stuff that is fast and you can be assured of good quality as well. Once the videos start playing, you have no ads or pop-ups to take away the fun out of fapping. You’ll find it awesome to just choose your video and let it play on your senses! You would also note that the episodes are neatly laid out one after the other so you don’t need to break away from the action to look for the next episode.

Latest Releases

At AnimeIDHentai, you get to watch the latest Hentai series and you can also follow characters you like. Also, you can go for the raw fap material or indulge in a great romantic plot that can play on your emotions as well. The subtitles will ensure you ‘understand’ the emotions, thus giving you an extra dimension! You may even choose the resolution you would like to play the HD videos in. to top it all, you can download and store great videos on your computer’s hard drive.

There are regular updates and new videos which makes tour anime sex life more interesting. There are also hundreds of trailers including those of upcoming new releases. There is also a release calendar, that tells you what to expect and when. You will want to spend maximum time at the ‘Uncensored’ gallery- you get to see the minutest of details right to the stubble around the shaved pussies!

The Design and Functionality Aspects

AnimeIDHentai.com is as good as they come as far as design and layout are concerned. With a predominantly dark background, it is pretty cool on the eyes and catchy too. All those sexy anime characters with come-hither looks are going to play on you right away, not really giving you a chance to analyze much else. The few categories give you a fair idea of the kind of videos you can get to see.

The thumbnails are simply great and that’s what makes the site so fucking good. Besides the title of the video, each thumbnail tells you whether it is HD, gives you the episode number, and also lets you know if it is subbed.

Click a thumb and it opens up further to give you many more details- The Year, Source, Genre, Duration, Language, Quality, Release date, Original name, English name, Director, and Studio. That’s a lot of information that will tell you exactly what to expect! You’ll also get to know the number of episodes available in each of the series. That is the reason this site is so preferred among lovers of hentai, more so with all episodes available and with very minimal ads too. You even get to read comments by earlier viewers in the comments section and you can leave your own fucking comments too.

Mind-blowing Anime & 3D characters

AnimeIDhentai concentrates only on anime and 3D porn. The videos are mostly in Japanese but a large percent of them have English subtitles. However, there are no dubbed versions in any language. The site also boasts of a lot of content in 3D. These productions are all of high quality and have very good voice-over as the sensual girls get fucked in amazing action. You would want to go into the community section to tell them how the site is doing and whatever else you feel.

This is one hentai site where you get the best free content in Full HD quality. You may even create a free account so that you can interact with users like yourself. You can also download an unlimited number of high-quality hentai videos without paying a cent. Now all this is pretty great and you really can’t ask for anything more, can you?

Bottom line

AnimeIDHentai is definitely on top when it comes to speed and reliability. With a great number of videos and a lot of new releases, this site is one to go back to time and again. With high-quality videos at 720 and 1080p and hardly any advertisements to irritate you no end, this site could become a hentai lover’s favorite. You can access this site on the go across any device of your choice and that’s a great advantage for frequent travelers. On the whole, the site makes you feel like you are walking into a treasure trove of hentai sex and there’s nothing to complain about. As long as the site owners stick to the basics as it is and provide fap-worthy content, this is one site everyone would like to cum to.


  • Although the site isn’t feature-filled and does not overflow with cum, there is enough to fap to and AnimeIDhentai has got all the right ingredients for that. Updates happen frequently which is a huge plus. There are different qualities of videos including 1080p res. For this site to have no popups and ads in your face even with such great video quality, speaks volumes for the site’s user-friendliness. Streaming in any quality is fast and sleek, adding to the pleasantness of the site.
  • The detailed info for every video is another advantage for the user- You know what you’re getting. Also, with every series having all the episodes lined up one after the other, you don’t have to waste time hunting for an episode you want to watch. Nor are you interrupted by the ads like on other similar sites. The 3D content is in plenty too, and this should send you reeling to cum unlike on other sites. And yes, although Japan censors porn heavily, the awesome collection of uncensored content here is simply mindboggling and great to fap to.


  • Come to think of it, such an awesome site is not too good when it comes to artistic looks. The site could do with a good makeover. The site could also do with more variety- like stand-alone porn scenes and lots of cute pictures that so many people are fond of. There are no dubbed videos on AnimeIDHentai and being hentai videos, dubbing would prove to be a great turn-on. It’s time we stopped concentrating on reading stuff.

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