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Hentai Manga And Doujin



NHentai is one of the most massive collection of hardcore manga, featuring so much content that it will keep you glued to the screen for hours every night. The site is coming with lots of original releases, meaning that it has content in both English and Japanese, but also a lot of Chinese and Korean porn manga. With such a big collection, the site is also coming with a lot of variety in matters of styles, genres, characters and kinks. Basically, any fantasy you might have, no matter how sensual or how dark and extreme it is, can be pleased by the massive manga library that N Hentai has.

And the site on which this whole awesomeness comes is also right for the fans. You will access it for free and all the content can be enjoyed online or downloaded as Zip sets without registration. There are community features on the site, and lots of other tools that will make your stay much more personalized. For some you will have to create an account, but the registration is completely free. And they have an option for discrete registration that will protect your anonymity. Learn more about this free porn manga platform from the paragraphs below.


An Awesome Library Of Original Manga

To make things clear from the start, not all the manga on the site is coming in English. Although there’s a lot of it that was translated, most of the content comes in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. However, the team behind the site are working on translating the content, but that will take some time. If you find something that you really want to read and it comes in a foreign language, know that there are all kinds of apps that will help you translate the text from the dialogue boxes both directly in your browser or after you download the issues.

When it comes to numbers, there are tens of thousands of manga issues in the collection of N Hentai. Amongst the most popular categories that you will find on the site I can name Blowjob, with over 43,000 issues, Big Breasts with more than 100,000 issues, or Virginity with more than 5,000 issues. And there are kinks for any naughty man or lady out there. As you might expect, there’s a lot of loli manga on this site, and you will also find incest manga to please any kind of fantasy you might have. The rape fantasy and the monster tentacle kinks are also present in this collection, and so is the schoolgirl and teacher fantasy. At the same time, you will find lots of yaoi, yuri and even futanari content on the sire. For more special fetishes, you will find feet play, pregnancy and even hypno manga in this collection.

You will also find a massive collection of parody manga, in which your favorite characters from non-adult manga and anime are spoofed in the dirtiest ways possible. All this content is coming from so many studios and creators out there. You can find them all in the Artists page of the site.


Site Design And Functionality

The collection of N Hentai is coming on a straightforward manga reading site. There aren’t too many features that you will never use. The design of the site is minimal and it will offer you a great navigation and browsing experience from both computers and mobile devices. I love the way in which the collection is organized. There are different pages where you can browse the content based on the kinks featured in the action, the original stories on which they are based, the artists who created them and even on the characters who are going through those naughty adventures. There’s also a random button which will bring you a manga completely at random for when you don’t know what you’d like to enjoy.

Once you find a manga you’d like to enjoy online, just click on the thumbnail. It will open in a new page where you will first see all the info you need on them, such as original name, all the tags that were asserted to it, the upload date and then under that a panel with all the images of the issue. You can enjoy everything directly on the site, but you can also download the content. However, for the download part you will need to create a free account on N Hentai. Creating an account is free and easy. It only takes one minute. Once you are registered, besides downloading content you will also be able to use the favorite buttons, rate the content and comment on everything.

Because all this content is free, there are some ads on the site. But to be honest, if I weren’t to write this review, I wouldn’t have even noticed the ads. They come in the form of small banners and there aren’t any pop ups or clicks that will take you on third party sites.


  • When it comes to the best things about this site, I would say that the size and the variety of the collection are the strongest points. There is something for everyone, and they keep on uploading new content on a regular basis. The site doesn’t look too bad either. Although it can feel minimalistic at first, it offers the exact navigational experience you need to enjoy manga online.


  • When it comes to the con points, I would say that the biggest issue with the site is the fact that it doesn’t offer too much translated content. Although there is a lot of content coming in English, most of it comes in foreign languages. N Hentai should work on homogenizing a community around their platform. I’m sure that there are lots of naughty otaku who would be more than happy to help translate the manga into English.


Hentai Manga And Doujin


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