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Hentai Manga And Doujin



Hentai Fox! You want to read XXX manga? Okay, so I have to be honest with you guys: hentai isn't really my thing. It is a popular porn genre, even though it is not popular outside of Japan. However, it is loved by many pornophiles. Its popularity is probably greatest in the United States. Hentai in Japan doesn't necessarily refer to manga porn.

This term is actually shorthand for a phrase that roughly translates to "any perverse sexual urge." It also comes from ancient Japanese terms for "change", "weird" and "strange". And, judging by some Hentai on the internet, it is a fitting label. We've all seen tentacle porn, a subgenre within Hentai where tiny animated girls are attacked by bizarre and sometimes unidentified tentacles at every orifice.

However, not all hentai are as extreme as this. It would be impossible to reduce the whole hentai genre to one image. Hentai porn is wide-ranging in its nature. It all depends on the artist, and what inspires them to draw. What fans feel the inspiration?

It looks almost like something out of a comic book, with all the dialogue boxes and panels. Some of it is in black and white. There are some impressive portraits featuring girls mid-orgasm. Other parts feature extremely close-ups showing impossibly hard-cocks ficking impossibly tight sexes, with an unimaginable amount of lady cum gushing out.

This is the one thing hentai has that no other porn can match: impossible fantasies are possible. Literally, any idea that your mind can imagine can be made into a drawing or animation. According to some artists, they even take requests from their fans. Hentai has a very active community. Perhaps more than any other sub-genre of porn. There are many hentai series and artists that are popular, but there are also many amateur and fan artists that emulate these artists.

Huge Website; Hugely Upsetting Ads

This brings me to hentaifox.com, one of the most extensive porn databases that I have ever found in my research. Hentai Fox has thousands upon thousands of images, hundreds of videos, parodies and songs, as well as links to a variety of hentai-influenced games. It's hard to imagine ever being bored at this site.

Hentai Fox's rating is not the first thing that I notice. When I try to scroll down to get a first impression, I am met with a hidden popup. The scroll bar! This is the worst thing a site could do. I don't like being tricked. I don't like being advertised. I will not be tricked by an advertisement. You are so obnoxious.

So I keep going, thinking that maybe it was just one click and done. No. Next time I click on the link, the same thing happens. This time, there are two new tabs. You must be kidding me. They have taken me off the HentaiFox website, on my original tab, this time. You are a fuck! Are you really asking people to visit your site? This makes it seem like you absolutely must not. Fuck.

As I mentioned before, this site has a lot of content. It's almost too much. This site is not recommended for people who don't have a good knowledge of the world of hentai. I am a complete newbie and have no idea where to start. Plus, the website's home page is littered with images that don't seem to have any sort of organization. What is the fuck are you looking at? What is the best way to figure out what fuck I'm looking at? There are no answers.

I'm lost in a foreign land

The site's design is a mess. There are images everywhere, text everywhere, and every corner of the page is filled with stuff. To be honest, it is overwhelming and distracting.

A menu bar at the top is the only thing that saves navigation. You can select from videos, random, parodies and tags as well as characters, artists, Nutaku (a producer of games), porn lists, harem-hentai (another gaming site) and, finally, more porn games. Below all that you will find a search bar as well as a login button.

Community Engagement

This is the one thing I love about this website. You would expect that a site dedicated solely to porn would be as community-oriented as a site dedicated exclusively to this genre. You can create a "faplist" and add images and videos. They also track what you've viewed using a convenient backlist. This helps to reduce the overall poor organization of your site. I shouldn't have any problems navigating your site as an unregistered guest.

Hentai Fox allows you to rate and track your favourite galleries and videos. You can also have conversations with Hentai Fox lovers around the globe. You will need to search for it. You will find it at the bottom of the page. It is located in the fine print right next to "Contact" and "Home". Click it and you'll find a button called "forum". The forum is primarily used to communicate with site administrators (bug reporting, suggestions, feedback, news, announcements, etc.). However, there is also an open discussion thread.

This section is not used much. It doesn't seem like the community is very active with only 12 posts. To be fair, it is likely that Hentai Fox makes this difficult to find (as if nothing is easy to find in their mess of videos and pictures).

However, the comments sections for images and videos seem to be more active. Also, the site is credited with ensuring that every pic or video I clicked into included all pertinent information (artists, titles, tags languages, categories, etc.) and is archived and clickable. There are also options to download, save to favorites, and log whether you have clicked on it (which I find a bit strange).

Warning! Experts only

This site is definitely a niche site for hentai manga and it seems like it's only for the most passionate hentai fan. Hentai Fox is a great place to start if you don't know much about hentai or what makes certain hentai more than others. It seems that it can take quite a while to get the basics of this site and sort through all the chaos.

Don't fall for the deceptive and misleading hidden ads. This database contains full issues of hentai stories as well as episodes of hentai video. Expert hentai enthusiasts might find this useful. You will probably be able to sort through the seemingly chaotic mess of thumbnails much more easily than you do. It is up to you to solve it for yourself. This site might be a good fit for a hardcore hentai fan. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Don't forget to record every image that you view while you're at it!


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