Updated on September 27, 2023

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Review Pros

  • wide variety of content
  • All HD videos

Review Cons

  • Ads?


SimplyHentai Hentai is an amazing world where you can bring your worst and most perverse thoughts to life using pen and paper. These beautiful 2D women are made to be perfect, despite the fact that 3D women in real life can be irritating with their constant nagging and fishy smells.

Simply-Hentai.com offers a wide range of video, comics and animated GIFs featuring all types of cartoon bitsches. All hair types, sizes, and ages are welcome to be fucked, buttfucked and molested for your viewing pleasure.

Simply Hentai is a great site. You can say whatever you like...

Simply-Hentai strives to be your one-stop shop. You will find all the most popular animes here including One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto and many other big ones. You'll also find a lot of original work. Simply-Hentai has thousands of videos as well as tens to thousands of comics.

It is important to know that Simply-Hentai does not host any games. Although it claims that they do, the games section is just a link to other websites. Simply-Hentai may get a cut if people spend money. Simply-Hentai's comics and videos are great.

Simple and intuitive

The layout of Simply-Hentai is simple and clean, making it easy to browse. You'll be taken to the manga gallery when you first log in. Here you will find all the latest comics from all sorts of bitches. To ensure that the manga is in a language you are able to read, make sure to look at the country flag located at the bottom left.

Then again, you don't need "words" or shit when your jerking.

The main categories, which include videos, mangas, series, tags and GIFs, are located at the top of this page. You can find all the hentai featuring the cunts in the "Series" category.

Simply-Hentai is a large comic book store that hosts more than 500 Naruto comics and more than 300 Dragon Ball comics. This is a lot of fun, and it's not like you are letting go of your childhood fantasies. Although most of the shit here is Japanese anime, there are plenty of comics and pictures for Disney, Marvel, and other characters.

You can sort the content by popularity, rating, most viewed, and newest. It's not clear what the difference is between popularity and most viewed. This site is great for browsing by rating, as the top comics have more than 500,000 views and some are close to a million.

If you are certain of what you're looking to find, each section has a search bar at the top right. You can search for names by using tags such as "rape" or big tits. This will bring up plenty of results.

Finally, Simply-Hentai offers solid mobile support so you don't have to worry about browsing it from your phone. It's easy to navigate and can be resized easily for your convenience.

You get free shit for a lifetime

This is, as I mentioned, a solid one stop-shop. There is a lot of content, and it is all free. There are hundreds of comics that represent all the most well-known series so you shouldn't have any trouble finding your favorite characters getting ass-raped in various positions.

You'll find a lot of original artwork, and work that is as professional as any studio. Some of these artists are just so talented, I wonder if they thought that all their years of training and schooling would lead to a career where I can do whatever I want. All of you are heroes.

Simply-Hentai offers content in Japanese, English Chinese, Korean, Spanish and French. You'll be able to see that the website language doesn’t change when you choose these languages. This only displays content in the selected language. If you cannot read Korean, then you should search for the Korean language.

It is amazing to see how much hentai is loved by my Portuguese and Russian brothers. All over the globe, people are discovering that 2D is superior to 3D. Real life flings can balloon to 50 pounds and have titties that sag to the floor. My cartoon hos are never going to die, so I'll continue to jerk at them until my death.

There are many comics and videos online, but Simply-Hentai doesn't have any hentai-related games. Simply-Hentai is misleading because it merely redirects you to other websites offering hentai games that will likely drain your bank account in some way.

What I Like

Simply-Hentai is great for comics and videos. It is easy to navigate and has lots of descriptions and tags that will help you make the right decision about your fapping session. You can find the best faps by looking at popular works that have received a lot of upvotes or downvotes from other users.

Although there are many ads, they're not too bad. You'll only see a few banner ads for comics. But they aren't too irritating. You will see a popup when you click on the video, but I found no issues. You can also play the videos directly from Simply-Hentai. There's no need to go to another website to view the shit.

The Simply-Hentai image section has a lot of strange content. Animation GIFs are a great middle ground between videos and comics.

The last thing that I think Simply-Hentai has that is underrated is the fact they provide detailed descriptions and reviews of each work. Before you dive in to the comics and videos, it's helpful to have a brief overview of each one so that you can better decide if you like it.

What I loathe

Simply-Hentai's misleading information about its games section is my main problem. It is obvious that Simply-Hentai serves only as a portal for people to visit these hentai games. Simply-Hentai may get a cut of the profits or some other compensation for getting people to go there. Simply-Hentai does not have any games, so it isn't the ultimate one-stop-shop.

I don't like the "list view" option on comics. List view allows you to see all of the images on one page. This makes it easier to read the whole comic without having to click "Next". It's not difficult to read comics page by page once you get used to it.

Simply-Hentai pages can sometimes load slowly, which makes this problem even more problematic. Not only do I have to read one page at a time but also the next page may take longer to load if they are of high-quality images. This is frustrating.

One last point: I couldn't find HD content within the video section. You won't find out until you get to the sex scenes if some of the videos have been censored. Before you start loading the video, it is worth doing some research.


Simply-Hentai hosting zero games is something I can forgive. The manga and video sections are amazing. They could do a better task if they were trying to promote 3rd-party games. You could add descriptions or reviews for the games they link so that I can make a decision.

You only see the names of the games right now. Clicking on a game will immediately take you to the game's website. Who the fuck knows if the game is good or bad? It would be annoying for viewers to close the game right away, I believe.

Incredible for comics and videos

Simply-Hentai has enough fap material to last you a lifetime. There are many great artists and porn for your favourite characters.

It is quite sick that professional content can be freely available. Are these artists working full-time jobs? Some of the artwork is so beautiful that you can't tell the difference if it weren't for the hairy drenched woman. These works are available in many languages, but words are something that I ignore when I'm jackhammering on my cock.

Simply-Hentai would still be great if it had actual games. Although the phony games section they are trying to monetize is irritating, I suppose that owners want to make some money by giving away so much content. Simply-Hentai: I'm sorry, but please, send me more comics of teenager Bulma being raped by Saiyans, and we'll be done.

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