Updated on September 27, 2023

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Sankaku Complex


Review Pros

  • Free
  • updated multiple times a day
  • active community
  • interesting mix of topics

Review Cons

  • mostly non-porn content
  • can’t pull up all the adult stuff at once
  • request to disable adblocker
  • ads!

Sankaku Complex

Introduction to Sankaku Complex

Sankaku Complex is not your typical website. It's a unique blend of anime, manga, games, and Japanese culture, with a twist of adult content that sets it apart from the rest. This platform has been around for over a decade, garnering a strong following and attracting over 30 million views a month.

The Unique Appeal of Sankaku Complex

At first glance, you might miss the adult content on Sankaku Complex. But once you find it, you're in for a surprise. From silicone hentai buttholes to live-action Hollywood anime sex, and even gender-swapped Super Mario cosplay, this site offers a unique blend of content that keeps its audience coming back for more.

Anime, Manga, Games, and Japan: The Core of Sankaku Complex

Sankaku Complex is not your average porn site. It's a blog with a clean layout, filled with posts about anime, manga, games, and Japanese culture. The site is constantly updated, with recent posts and popular posts from the last couple of months prominently displayed.

Exploring the Content: From Anime to NSFW

While not all posts on Sankaku Complex are sex-related, there's plenty of adult content for those who know where to look. From posts about new sex toys based on anime characters to discussions about controversial anime adaptations, there's a wide range of NSFW content to explore.

The Community: A Vibrant Discussion Platform

One of the standout features of Sankaku Complex is its active community. The comment sections on posts are often filled with lively discussions, whether it's debating the quality of a new anime-based sex toy or discussing the implications of a controversial anime adaptation.

The Forum: An Extension of the Community

In addition to the comment sections on posts, Sankaku Complex also has a forum. While it's not as active as the comment sections, it provides another platform for users to engage in discussions and share their thoughts.

Navigating Sankaku Complex: A User's Perspective

Navigating Sankaku Complex can be a bit daunting for new users. While the site makes it easy to view all the content related to video games or anime, finding the adult content can be a bit more challenging. However, with a bit of exploration, users can uncover a wealth of NSFW content.

The Role of Tags in Content Discovery

Tags play a crucial role in content discovery on Sankaku Complex. While the site doesn't have a broad sex-themed category, users can use tags to find specific types of content. This feature is particularly useful for users who are already familiar with the kind of content Sankaku Complex posts.

Popular Posts: The Best of Sankaku Complex

For new users, the Popular Posts section is a great placeto start. This is where the most engaging content rises to the top. From posts about 18+ schoolgirl photography in video games to discussions about the impact of sex dolls on the adult industry, the Popular Posts section offers a taste of the best that Sankaku Complex has to offer.

The Controversy: Sex Dolls and Job Loss

Sankaku Complex is not afraid to delve into controversial topics. One such post discusses the impact of sex dolls on the adult industry, with sex workers in Las Vegas voicing concerns about job loss and the promotion of extreme sex. This willingness to tackle contentious issues is part of what makes Sankaku Complex unique.

Who is Sankaku Complex For?

Sankaku Complex is not for everyone. It's not the best place for a quick fix of adult content. However, for those who are fans of video games, manga, anime, and Japanese culture, and who also enjoy adult content, Sankaku Complex is a treasure trove of engaging content.

The Intersection of Adult Content and Pop Culture

What sets Sankaku Complex apart is its seamless integration of adult content into its coverage of pop culture. This approach acknowledges the reality that many gamers and comic book nerds also enjoy adult content, and it's this blend that makes Sankaku Complex a unique platform.

Conclusion: The Unique Blend of Sankaku Complex

In conclusion, Sankaku Complex offers a unique blend of anime, manga, games, and Japanese culture, with a twist of adult content. Its active community, engaging content, and willingness to tackle controversial topics make it a standout platform in the world of online content.


  1. What is Sankaku Complex? Sankaku Complex is a unique blend of anime, manga, games, and Japanese culture, with a twist of adult content.
  2. Who is Sankaku Complex for? Sankaku Complex is for fans of video games, manga, anime, and Japanese culture who also enjoy adult content.
  3. How active is the community on Sankaku Complex? The community on Sankaku Complex is very active, with lively discussions taking place in the comment sections of posts.
  4. How can I find specific types of content on Sankaku Complex? Users can use tags to find specific types of content on Sankaku Complex.
  5. Does Sankaku Complex cover controversial topics? Yes, Sankaku Complex is not afraid to delve into controversial topics, such as the impact of sex dolls on the adult industry.

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