Updated on September 27, 2023

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Sankaku Channel


Sankaku Channel

Review Pros

  • Millions of sexy hentai pictures and videos
  • wide variety of extreme fetish categories
  • plenty of search options
  • it’s completely free!

Review Cons

  • Nothing

Hentai Review: Sankaku Channel

Introduction to Sankaku Chan

Hentai, with its vast array of pictures, gifs, animations, and everything in between, is a goddamn huge phenomenon. It offers a unique blend of content that regular porn simply cannot achieve. If you're a fan of this genre, you've probably stumbled across Sankaku Chan, one of the most popular hentai sites on the web.

The Appeal of Hentai

Hentai is more than just animated porn. It's a form of art that pushes the boundaries of imagination, offering content that's often more creative and diverse than what's available in mainstream adult content. From tentacle and monster themes to BDSM, lesbian, ecchi, and various kinky fetishes, hentai has it all.

The Unique Features of Sankaku Chan

Sankaku Chan, or Chan.sankakucomplex.com, is a beast of a site. It's a chan type site, but it looks and works a bit differently than you might expect. Instead of multiple boards and places to post and discuss topics, you get a massive imageboard with tags that you can browse by. It's more like Imgur than it is like 4chan.

Exploring Sankaku Chan

Site Design and User Interface

The site design of Sankaku Chan is straightforward and sleek. It's bright white with orange text as accents. Not awful. At least they manage to have organized menus on here. It’s just a little bright is all. And, if you can’t get past that, then check out their beta site option on the header.

Browsing Options and Content Variety

The homepage may look like a lot at first, but it’s easier to use than you think. The header has a few main options for “Posts, Rankings, Notes, Tags, Pools, Wiki, Forum, and Beta.” All of those have suboptions for basic organizational shit. You can subscribe to certain posters to browse a custom feed, view your own uploads/comments, or simply organize your feed by popularity.

Advanced Search and Tagging System

You can plug in simple terms like “bukkake” or toss in the name of your favorite waifu to get a fuck load of results. The advanced option gives you even more options like image size, megapixels, rating, and options to exclude certain tags you don’t like.

The Content on Sankaku Chan

The Range of Hentai Content

Sankaku Chan is home to a massive collection of hentai content. From images to gifs and short-form videos/animations, the site offers a plethora of content to satisfy yourhentai cravings. And this site doesn’t shy away from any sort of content, so beware of that. If you don’t like certain topics like guro, scat, or torture hentai, then make an account and include those in your restricted tags.

Quality and Quantity of Images and Videos

The quality of content on Sankaku Chan is top-notch. The images are fucking massive, and you get art from nearly every popular hentai artist out there. You can save pictures or videos without issues as well. No bullshit memberships that stop you from housing this good shit in your spank bank.

The Extreme Content: A Word of Caution

While Sankaku Chan is a paradise for hentai lovers, it's important to note that the site doesn't shy away from extreme content. If certain topics are not to your taste, you can easily restrict them from appearing in your feed by creating an account and setting your preferences.

The Mobile Experience

The mobile site isn’t worth using unless you ditch the regular site and smash that Beta button. That version lets you add the site to your desktop and browse anytime you want with ease. It’s fucking great and works just as well as the Beta desktop site does.

HentaiGeek’s Review

Favorite Features

The variety in content was the absolute best part. Tons of videos, pictures, and gifs of nut-bustingly amazing content. And they don’t censor uploads nearly as much as other sites. Enjoy your dark, twisted, fetish hentai all in one place.

Suggestions for Improvement

I’d suggest they go ahead and launch that beta site ASAP. It’s so much better than the standard site, and the standard site is pretty fucking great.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Sankaku Chan is up there in my favorites for sure. It’s got everything a waifu loving degenerate could love. It’s free. It’s got HD pictures that you can download. There are kinky, fetish filled videos that you can save without issue. The mobile site is great.


In conclusion, Sankaku Chan is a must-visit for any hentai enthusiast. With its vast array of content, user-friendly interface, and commitment to quality, it stands out as one of the best hentai sites on the web.


  1. What is Sankaku Chan? Sankaku Chan is a popular hentai site that offers a vast array of pictures, gifs, animations, and more.
  2. What kind of content can I find on Sankaku Chan? From tentacle and monster themes to BDSM, lesbian, ecchi, and various kinky fetishes, Sankaku Chan has it all.
  3. Is the content on Sankaku Chan free? Yes, the content on Sankaku Chan is free to access and download.
  4. Does Sankaku Chan have a mobile version? Yes, Sankaku Chan has a mobile version that is as user-friendly and sleek as its desktop version.
  5. What is HentaiGeek's review of Sankaku Chan? HentaiGeek highly recommends Sankaku Chan for its variety in content, user-friendly interface, and commitment to quality.

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