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In a dream, I was hit by a car and had the vision of being able to draw anything I wanted. My time was spent drawing beautiful, naked women, touching their bodies, eating puss, getting boned, and other activities. I was captivated by the hentai's appeal when I woke up. I spent several hours looking through the collection at Pururin.io, aka Pururin.us.

This site claims to be a "free hentai manga reader and doujinshi readers." However, I had to search for doujinshi. It's basically the same as manga, but self-published. Manga is similar to comics but they are from Japan. Did you get it? Let's find out why 6,000,000 people are using pocket pool to Pururin’s collection of sex comics.

Big eyes and big teeth

The name Pururin was a strange one for me. You know what Pure Urine is? Pururin, as Japanese people call it, is how they describe the sound of their phones ringing. You can try yelling "Pururin," a few times, and see if anyone checks their phone.

Google tells me Pururin was also the name of a character in an anime called Welcome to the NHK. Strangely, no results are returned for her name when she types her name into the search bar. Because you can view it on your smartphone, I'm assuming they called it Pururin.

The main page features a wall of anime broads, with huge eyes and gigantic tits. Some of them look very slippery, with cum or pussy fluid covering their bodies. It could be tentacle fluid considering that this is hentai. One drawing shows a cute face with a large, veiny cock pressing against it.

It is a very simple layout. Aside from the main wall of images, you will also find a sidebar that contains site news, top contributors, top topics, and some popular images. You can continue on to page 1634. If you click the button at the bottom of the page, you will be able to keep going. This is a lot of fucking!

Full Comics Available for Full Release

These were thumbnails of larger images, which I initially thought were just thumbnails. I was captivated by a photo of a French maid dressed in a chick's French maid uniform. I clicked on it and got something better.

I was a semen-soaked maid when I found Pururin's page on Succubus Stayed Life 6. You can tag the issue with categories such as Big Ass, Big Breasts and Blowjob. If you have an account, you can view the artist and uploader and rate the content.

The entire comic is the real meat of this page. You can either use the Read Online link to see larger versions or there are thumbnails of each page in Succubus Stayed Life 6. If you prefer to save the file for later, there is a button that will allow you to download it.

This is awesome, and I'm not even a huge hentai fan. It's hard to resist the lure of free comics books, particularly when they feature naked maids being hosed down by hot spunk.

The introduction on the first page will give you a brief overview of what you missed in parts 1-5. Sakuramachi San and Matsukawa Kun have been having sex at school and home every day for years. One of their relatives is a succubi and the innocent-looking cousin is a carnivore. Someone uses "cock cheats" in order to deliver otherworldly sexual pleasure, and this tiny slut's tits are so large that it makes gym class more difficult.

Yes, it is a lot. It was difficult to understand the English, so I don't know if I got it all. I skipped to the sex. This schoolgirl was being sexy in a public bathroom by page six. The artist created the cock from the inside of the vagina. I would love to see them do it at Brazzers.

You may need context for your comic about a maid cleaning a student's s**t. Every issue of Succubus Stayed Life is easily found online. You will find links to seven additional issues right above the page thumbnails.

The Cartoon Cunts

Pururin's 1,634 pages are sorted initially by Newness. Click the Browse dropdown to see the Most Popular, Highest Rated and Most Viewed Titles, as well as Random.

To see if there was anything strange, I clicked Random. I'm grateful to hentai lovers for not disappointing me with weird shit that they have posted. One of the first hits was a gay sex comic called Like Cat and Dog. Anal and Catboy are the tags.

Yes, I clicked Catboy out of morbid curiosity. It returns 90 results, so it seems that this tag is very popular. Fair enough, many of these images have catgirls.

The tags are well-implemented. The extensive cataloguing of characters and artists can be seen that this site was created by a group of cartoon lovers. You can click on any tag to access more, or browse an organized list from the header.

There are a thousand types of depravity

The 1,020-genre-deep master list of category tags is available. The 21-page long master list of category tags can be difficult to read if you don't know what you are looking for. Although you can browse the categories alphabetically, it's not very useful unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

Everything is possible in the bizarre and wonderful world of Hentai. What is squirting? This is for kids. What about gaping? There are plenty of it. Is it incessant? Yes, it is. Pururin has more than 5,000 pieces of content that have been tagged with Incest so you taboo-freaks will be happy.

These aren't the only kinky categories in hentai. Pururin's content tags include doozies like Inverted Nipples and Living Clothes. They also contain Urethra Insertion and Balls Expansion.

While I would love to discover all subgenres, there are important things I need to do like masturbating. I won't be able to look at the Abortion-themed cunts.

Because seriously, what the hell? I had to sneak a peek at Balls Expansion. Half a dozen comics were about chicks who have huge breasts and grow large, veiny cocks as large as their bodies. One comic illustrated a different version of this timeless tale. It featured a man whose nuts are pounded until they swell like melons.

It is possible to pull up tags lists for Artists, Characters, and more site-specific tags such as Circle and Convention. Although I didn't know what they were, I believe they are different groups that handle hentai release. If you are new to the genre, none of the tags lists are as useful or as helpful as the category tags.

Talking It Up With These Freaks

It's a great place to visit the Pururin forum. Most people are looking for specific scenes and others telling them where they can be found.

One man wrote: "I am searching for an Incest Doujin. The MC is very close to his sister, and she becomes Possed by a Succcubus." She then rapes her brother. In the end, he uses the secret weakness of his sister, anal, to save the sister.

Although it sounds like something your creepy goth cousin made up, someone actually provided the exact answer he needed. You can find it at Pururin. It is called My Otaku Little Sister Couldn't Be This Annoying Chaps 1-3.

These helpful people may be able point you in the right direction if this is your first rodeo. Discord is also very active, with 808 members as of this writing.

Pururin, often misspelled as "purinin", purinin, "pururuin" or "puririn", is not intended for newbies to hentai. Although you can find some interesting stuff by simply browsing the web, the tags are mostly made up of names and terms that have no meaning to the uninitiated. Hentai fans will enjoy the best of it. The huge, free collection of full comics should be sufficient to tempt any geeky latently.


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