Updated on June 8, 2023

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Review Pros

  • Free Hentai/Doujinshi Library
  • Japanese, Chinese, English Content
  • Lots of xxx illustration content
  • Various porn parodies of your favorite characters.

Review Cons

  • The tag section is too big
  • loading times can be slow


NyaHentai is a simple name, but you don't really need a fancy name to offer free pornographic manga. Whether the product itself is a poor cheap bastard squatting in a college computer lab or a drunken businessman struggling to get laid, you'll find plenty of it in this collection. In fact, you know what it's like.

NyaHentai.com, as the name suggests, is a place where you can find a large collection of free Hentai and Doujinshi. They offer obscene pornographic comics written in various languages for an international audience, which is probably why the traffic here is so high. I'm not the kind of guy who can be satisfied with just sitting around like this, so of course I've got some sticky lube and a silicone schoolgirl vagina at the ready, and I'm ready for my investigation. Are you ready to find out the secret to the popularity of this place?

Bringing pervs to the world.
On the surface, NyaHentai seems to be your usual collection of perversions. There's a fairly simple SFW logo with little puppy footprints, a search bar, a few language options, and thumbnails scattered throughout the rest of the page. It's like looking at a brick wall, but every single brick block is a futanari sex-fest, an interspecies fluffy beast romance, a BBW princess parody, or a totally yucky-looking lolita adventure.
One of the first things I noticed was the little flag icons on each of the kinky titles. The site has content in Japanese, Chinese, and English, and each language is recognized by this flag banner. If you want to narrow down the list to only the languages you speak, you can click on the tag and that option will pop up as well. But I wish this could be applied to search as well. But that won't be a problem for stubbled geeks and Redditors like you. Because words don't matter when you're reading a tentacle rape scene.

The domain NyaHentai.com has been in use since 2019. I don't know how many years it took to get this collection active, but seriously, the content is massive. I can't even begin to imagine the total number of perverts and doujinshi we have in our library.

I was about to go down to the bottom of the story when I came across something strange. When I clicked on the last page button at the bottom of the page, the URL preview told me it would take me to page 14046, but it only took me to page 300, and when I tried to go to page 301, 302, 303, or 304, it kept taking me back to page 300. I don't know if it's because it's actually the last page, or if it's just a technical problem. I can tell from the number of pages that there are at least 7,500 pieces of content in this collection, but in reality, there are probably tens of thousands more. (Looking at the numbers later, it seems to be more of a technical problem.) But forget about that, it's just a lot of kinky illustrations to shake your dick at.

Oh my fucking god, that's some seriously weird stuff!
There are many limitations to video pornography. There are technical limitations, practical limitations, legal limitations, and then there's the simple but serious limitation of whether or not it's physically possible in the real world. But one of the wonderful strengths of perversity is that you don't have to play by the same rules as in the real world. So you can enter a whole new world of deep and strange perversity.
As soon as you turn the pages of NyaHentai, you'll see more and more examples of this. Sea Mails are quite popular in doujinshi, where they're known as futanari, and it's not uncommon to find your favorite female characters with huge cocks that go well with their big melon tits. There are also tons of dream demons, succubi, extreme and painful sex machines, dominant female warriors, various types of alien rape, you name it.

If you look at the tag page of NyaHentai.com, you'll see just how deep the well of perversion runs. The subgenre of sex manga is quite broad, with thousands of fetishes, intercourse, body types, and scenarios to choose from. Seriously, this list is awesome. But it's really detailed and massive. You'll love me if these lists are easy to browse. I know I'm going to find some pretty good stuff here. But when the list is hundreds of pages long, it's a different story.

If you know what you're looking for, then go and find it. For most of you, the easiest way to check categories is to look for popular or hot topics on the tags page, not the A-Z default way of finding them one by one. Anyway, that would be the best, most popular, and completely bizarre way to find content from the menu.

You may remember that I said that the collection has at least 7,500 comics available, but maybe there are more? Because according to the tag area, there are over 10,000 pregnant women here, 60,000 high school uniforms, and 118,000 big tit milkshakes. There are also 14,000 brain-busting episodes, 43,000 shota-kon, thousands of monster girls, and nearly 40,000 rapes.

This is a far cry from the usual list of dykes, blowjobs, and threesomes that you find on many porn portals. Anyway, you'll find content like this, but also plenty of lily of the valley, cuckoldry, incest, pouting, crotch-pulling, parasites and enemas. It's a strange place to design, but that's what you like, right?

How about some kinky parodies?
You know what else I like about kinky content? It's kinky parodies. Parodies are always included in the doujinshi category. NyaHentai also has a wide selection of massive parodies of your favorite shows, games, movies, and characters. The list of characters and parodies, as well as the tag list, can go on for quite a long time and cover a lot of pages. So I suggest you browse the popular or hot views.
Let's see, some of the most popular parodies on Hentai Style include Toho Project, Fate Grand Order, and The Idolmaster. You'll also find perpetual favorites like Naruto, Street Fighter, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon. You'll also find pornographic versions of Yu-Gi-Oh, sexually explicit Dragon Quest, and hundreds of Dragon Ball comics with a perversion level of over 9000!

Maybe I was feeling a little nostalgic this morning, but I decided to start an official mass-shoveling test with a porn parody of The Legend of Zelda. 300 or so collection examples, including some English content. There are a lot of stories about princesses with big tits and peachy asses, so the options are seriously plentiful.

I decided to start with the first page, called Dat Ass, a 27-page doujinshi with a bunch of tags like pussies, blowjobs, deep throating, and anal. It's actually pretty good and long tagged, and it takes a little while for the actual comic to load, and NyaHentai seems to be having a little trouble keeping up with their 26,000+ daily visitors, so expect it to take a little while to load.

There's no embedded comic reader like you'll find on fancier doujinshi sites. Just a simple, but efficient gallery format that you've seen millions of times before. You click on a thumbnail to see the full version, and then you flip through the pages by pressing the back and forth buttons. This Zelda comic has a stick-on sensor ship, so it's not as bad as Mosaic. But it's still depressing, though. At least Dat Ass, the main highlight of the story, has a pretty nice looking butt. Remember that. In Hentai, the anus is not an object of censorship, even if it is being pulled out and inserted.

I've come across a few weird things while doing some good old-fashioned scientific masturbation research at NyaHentai.com. But that didn't deflate my erection, and there was nothing to slow me down. On the contrary, I came across enough content that I felt I could pull my pants down to my ankles and continue surfing the net for at least another half hour. Multi-lingual content means I can enjoy dialogues in your native language too. But honestly, even the totally illiterate will be able to massacre themselves with just the sexy images here.



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