Updated on September 27, 2023

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Review Pros

  • premium hentai video library
  • full-length content
  • uncensored material available
  • dozens of updates per week
  • dozens of subcategories and fetishes
  • downloads included

Review Cons

  • Most content is still censored


HentaiCore was something I came across recently. There must have been a new style of heavy metal with all the lyrics about anime sex. Or maybe there was a sci-fi movie where the Earth was filled with molten manga girls and huge titties. Alternately, and most realistically, it was another hentai compilation on the Internet. However, I was curious about the gimmick.

The gimmick actually contains premium content. The majority of hentai collections that I see are available through the internet are for free to cheapskate library masturbators. But this one promises it will be worth the cost. HentaiCore.com offers unlimited access to an ever-growing collection of full-length porno animation videos. This sounds appealing to anyone who has a boner. But let's get into the details and see what bang they have for their buck.

Just a quick note before we move on. Although I thought I had reviewed this site before I realized that I was referring to HentaiCore.org which is a free site. Today we will be discussing HentaiCore.com. I have already confirmed that this site is one that you need to pay for. You'll find a lot of overlapping site titles in this area of the Internet. Keep that in mind as you decide where to spend your productive time today. You can find my master lists here of paid and free hentai websites if you get lost.

Uncensored Hentai Count Me In

Okay, nerds. What's your first question when you ask me if you're willing pay for hentai to be performed? Perhaps I'm just a jaded masturbator who has spent years fap-testing every porn blog and lesbian tube I come across, but I know that I'm not alone. Many of you have enjoyed unrestricted access for many years, if perhaps decades to hardcore pornography. It's not unusual to see uncensored dicks go into unobscured cooters and buttholes, so it can be quite shocking when you open an anime site and all the hoo-ha is obscured beneath a blurry of Tetris pixels.

It's the reason why I always ask myself if I'm going to be seeing babes being drilled in their cartoon cunts every time I visit a HentaiCore site. The HentaiCore tour site was the first thing I saw. They offer uncensored Hentai. This is an unusual commodity that is almost entirely pornographic.

However, it is immediately obvious that they also have the censored content. Fuck, that blurred-out dick is on the exact image they claim to have a lot of uncensored content. The thumbnails below show a similar story. I see a looping preview GIF showing a babe giving a titjob in an uneditable ding-dong. But every other genital part is hidden under flesh-colored pixels.

I tried to hit the Play button on one those preview thumbs, but it didn't work. You are just taken to the signup page by the "Play" buttons in typical paysite fashion. The only way to see how much of this is uncensored, is to go inside and take a closer look.

What is the price for that Hentai girl in the window?

The HentaiCore.com membership fee is not surprising if you are a perverted who has signed up for payites before. The standard membership costs thirty bones per month, the same price as almost everywhere else. The best deal is that the annual rate drops to ten dollars per month. A 2-day trial is available for just a dollar. However, cancel it before the rebill arrives.

Most perverts are curious as to how the membership fee compares with other premium options. Let's look at the numbers. They promise weekly updates on the signup page, but it's actually quite better than that. HentaiCore uploads large batches every few days. This means that you will typically get dozens of updates per. These episodes are also full-length, so you will get hours of new content each time you renew your monthly subscription.

This is a remarkable rate of growth for a site that charges a fee, but it has a downside. The HentaiCore.com domain was registered several years ago. However, the current site version hasn't been online for that long. The archive actually only dates back a few weeks as of the time of writing. The stash currently contains 120 episodes of hentai. This is a substantial number and it's not a small one. However, it might not be as appealing to Costco masturbators who require their smut in superbulk.

To return to the positive points, I would like to highlight the fact that HentaiCore members have the ability to download any fuck they wish. As a full-time porn critic, I am acutely aware about the trends in premium porn downloads and have seen more payites switch to streaming-only. Because OnlyFans doesn't offer downloads, I believe this is one reason for the shift. However, I am happy to see HentaiCore sticking to the old-fashioned way with the savable file format so collectors have plenty to do after their membership ends.

It sounds like a good deal for the thirty dollars a month. Although the pile isn’t huge, they produce new material much faster than other sites that charge the same amount. Now the big question is whether the porn is actually good. After all, even the largest stash can't make you dick.

Let's talk anime and fetishes

It helps to have a wide range of materials to choose from if you want to really make your dick work. HentaiCore.com offers a wide range of porn subgenres, fetishes, and other material that you can use with your dipstick. Their Categories page is clean and neat, with thumbnails, which makes it a lot easier than the cluttered tag indexes found on other hentai sites. Instead of thousands of overlapped categories, there are only a few "real" ones.

They get fucked kinky like any good hentai website. There are plenty of porn standard videos like Anal (53 videos), Big Boobs (63) movies, and Blowjobs (75 episodes), so it shouldn't surprise anyone who loves spit. You may be more interested in anime-based subgenres such as Ahegao, Lactation Loli, Monster, or Mind Breaking. They don't have a dedicated Tentacles section, but there are a few videos under Futanari for dick-girl fans.

It's hard not to notice the Uncensored section right there on HentaiCore Categories. It's a bit disappointing because it reveals how many videos on the site have actual anime pussies being purged. Only 21 videos from their channel are currently listed in the Uncensored section as of this writing. This is a small portion of the entire pie. If you are primarily interested in the uncensored content, keep this in mind.

This is my main issue with the site and it will be a major dealbreaker for many hentai lovers out there. This membership may not be right for you if you don't mind censored content. However, you may find that many people have grown to accept those pixels over time, so your mileage will vary.

HentaiCore.com might be worth a look if you don't mind censored content. The most important benefits of membership to me are the quick updates and the easy Download button. The Categories page can be viewed without being a member. I suggest taking a look before you click the Download button. This will allow you to get a feel for how much material you will be able to access and will also give you an update on the number of uncensored videos. If you like the preview, you will love what you see in the member's section.

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