Updated on September 27, 2023

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Review Pros

  • Many sorting options
  • Talented artists
  • Use of tags
  • Animation gallery
  • Great familiar layout

Review Cons

  • limited filtering of content quality / a lot of garbage
  • ads (shitty furry ones)

e621 Review: A Deep Dive into the Furry Image Board

In the vast world of online communities, e621 stands out as a unique platform. This review will provide an extensive look at e621, a user-based image board primarily focused on the furry fandom.

What is e621?

e621 is an image board that caters to the furry community. It's a place where artists and enthusiasts alike can post and browse a huge collection of furry-themed content. The name "e621" might seem strange at first, but it's a part of the platform's charm and curiosity.

User Experience on e621

The user experience on e621 is quite comprehensive. The platform provides various tools for users to search and browse through the vast amount of content. Users can use tags to filter images based on their preferences. These tags can be related to specific artists, characters, themes, or even specific types of content.

One of the reasons e621 has garnered a lot of attention is its extensive tagging system. Each post on the board can be tagged by users, making it easier to find specific content. For instance, if you're looking for images from a particular artist or a specific theme, you can simply search for it using the appropriate tags.

Community and Content

The community on e621 is quite active, with users regularly posting new content. The content ranges from images and illustrations to animations and more. It's important to note that while e621 is a furry-focused platform, it does have a wide variety of content, catering to different tastes within the furry fandom.

One aspect of e621 that might be shocking to newcomers is the adult-oriented content. While not all content on e621 is explicit, a significant portion of it is adult-themed. However, the platform does provide tools for users to filter out content they don't want to see, making it a flexible platform for different users.

e621 vs e1547

A notable competitor to e621 is e1547, an app that provides a polished browsing experience for image boards like e621. e1547 offers features like browsing and searching posts and pools of posts, favoriting, commenting, upvoting and downvoting posts, and more. It also has extensive local blacklist support, synced with the site, and multiple themes and personalization options. However, some users have reported issues with video playback and connecting to hosts on e1547.


In conclusion, e621 is a unique platform that provides a space for the furry community to share and explore content. Its extensive tagging system and user-based content make it a versatile platform for users with different preferences. However, potential users should be aware of the adult-oriented content on the platform.

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