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What became of HentaiHaven.org is anybody’s guess but it is claimed that hentaihaven.red is its ‘successor’ where you get to see free hentai “transmissions”. The new site promises to become the best in Hentai and is committed to providing the best fucking quality content in Full HD videos. You may also download limitless hentai videos for free to enjoy them offline at your leisure. The site aims to please users like you a hundred percent.

Hot Uncensored Hentai

You could wonder why guys jerk off to cartoons and what makes them horny. More so when there are thousands of free tubes where you can watch unlimited sex videos featuring real people and sexy ones at that. Of course, one has his reasons, for whatever one does. Perhaps it is the fantasy quotient that plays on the mind and the libido. The girls depicted in anime are all mostly oversized like a Barbie doll and they have huge boobs, lovey-dovey eyes, and red hot pussies. They are beauties in their own right and you will agree they are huge turn-ons. And then the guys in anime have dongs that are fantastic, right out of a dream. These do play their part in anime becoming so popular.

Well, you’ll find your own reasons when you get hooked by the dazzling beauties with big eyes and come-hither looks. And unlike normal porn, Hentai porn is valued as an art form that is loved by millions of people across the planet. If you love porn and you have a heart for art, hentai will surely be your kind of stuff!

Sexy Hentai Hub

HentaiHaven.red promises to be the hub for the latest hentai movies and games. You get to watch exclusive, uncensored Hentai content including  Lolicon, Rape, Futa, Shota, Anal, Gore, Ahegao, Monster, Mature, Gangbang, MILF, Incest, Interracial, Creampie, and more. Also in the pipeline are Hentai Games, Hentai Manga, and maybe some Hentai Comics or even Porn Comics.

This site is already receiving thousands of hits daily and soon it will be millions. Everybody worth his salt who loves kinky hentai stuff is checking out this site and the momentum is only growing. Obviously, people get fed up watching the same old grind on the regular porn sites and Hentai with its fantasy themes and voluptuous girls is a great way to break away. That is the reason you find so many thousands of users getting horny on HentaiHavenRed every fucking day.

Getting horny is easy on hentai sites because the videos and the babes in the scenes are both too sexy for words. Getting horny under these circumstances is natural and even seasoned pros in the sexual world cannot help getting hard.

The sexy chicks are so lifelike and bouncy that you forget they are mere cartoons and get into the flow of things. And the resultant feeling is something to be believed. The fact that all the action is only imagination and does not happen in our daily lives adds to the mysterious creativity within you and you feel on top of the world, knowing it. One cannot but help stroking his erect dick, what with all the action taking place on the screen. The power of the animated female is so magnetic that you feel as though you are the one in the video!

Of course, people behind the site are true professionals and that helps the site gain in stature. The site also has an app of its own and is perhaps the only site at present to have one. However, you don’t find the app in the stores but on the site. The app stores will obviously not allow fun-loaded adult apps on their platforms so you’ll need to install it from the site. Once installed, you can carry hentaihaven.red in your pocket and fap on the move!

HentaiHaven.red- Design and Functionality

On the home page right at the top is a banner advertising Brazzers! That is only to be expected as this is a free site and the site owners need to make money somewhere, somehow, right? Right below that you have a row of thumbnails showing the latest releases depicting schoolgirls with their underwear showing below their short skirts. They are so fucking seductive, you want to rip them apart, right there, right then.

The site on the whole looks pretty good with a dark background.  The top menu has just a few buttons- nhentai, Uncensored, HentaiRatings, Trending, Hentai, and Discord. The right sidebar has listings of the release year, popular Hentai, and genres. Right at the top, there is also a search window.

The general features are at the bare minimum which keeps the functionality pretty good. There is hardly any room for things to go wrong. So you will not find any serious trouble navigating through the site which by itself is a plus.

Popular Categories

Loli, Rape, and Incest- these and more such categories are perhaps the site’s most popular ones. Together there are around 500 plus gangbang scenes, around a hundred with cute little bitches wearing glasses, about 600 harem scenes, and about 200 plus that has hot anime gals delivering great handjobs! Genres are seldom used and that could be a disadvantage. There were also other categories like small tits, 3D, and action listed.

Whatever few tags are present are used very judiciously. Unlike other umpteen hentai sites, HentaiHaven.red does not use any number of tags that run around one another or are useless. Every movie is tagged appropriately and they lead to more anime with Bondage, Public Sex, Blowjobs, Incest, and the like. However, it would be great if there was a dedicated category tab.


  • Hentaihaven.red is the rather huge collection of free hentai videos. It is a rarity with free sites but then that is the plain truth. Then you have the uncensored hentai sex organs that add great appeal to the scenes. This indeed is a huge plus as the Japanese usually tend to censor the videos heavily depriving you of having unabashed fun. And the variety is great too- a really wide range of scenes including a lot of perverted ones!


  • The only and really major con factor is the absence of categories and tags. They would have been a great addition and saved the viewers a lot of time.


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