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8Muses is a different type of hentai and animated porn site. This website is a portal where you will find a lot of fan made art, featuring a lot of content from the very members of the community that gathered around this collection. There aren’t too many animations on the site, but you will find so many porn comics and porn manga that will please so many of your fantasies, even some that you didn’t know you have yet. And all of it is in English. A popular category on this site is bringing us parody content, featuring famous characters from cartoons, anime, movies, TV series and games. They also have fake celebrity porn content that will please some of your secret desires.

The entire content on this website is completely free. There aren’t any strings attached to this offer. You won’t have to register on the site or give away your data in any way. There are ads on the platform, because that’s how they keep things running and pay some of the professional creators that gave their content to the site, but the ads are not annoying or intrusive.

When it comes to the technical details, we have to face the fact that there are some things which could be improved. On the other hand, there are some features on 8Muses that you don’t find on too many hentai sites out there, such as the Discord server where the community can get together and interact on the many topics offered by this collection. Let’s detail all the features about the collection of this site and about the technical details in the paragraphs below.


A “Rule 34” Collection

In case you don’t know, “Rule 34” is one of the many unwritten rules of the internet, and it says that if something exists, there sure is porn in it. In this case, the rule applies to all kinds of characters from all across the world of entertainment. There are drawings, wallpapers and comic stories and even series featuring some of the most popular babes that weren’t meant to be sexy, but somehow ended up in all of our fantasies. Amongst the most spoofed characters you will find on this site I can name Elsa from Frozen, all those hotties from popular Adult Swim cartoons such as Family Guy, Simpsons or American Dad, the chicks from Game of Thrones and all the popular superheroes from both Marvel and DC comics. Other characters in content that will ruin your childhood are Ben10, Scooby Doo, He-Man, Juniper Lee, and even The Smurfs.

As I mentioned, real life celebrities didn’t get away from “Rule 34”. Naughty creators or amateurs have put in time and work to photoshop the faces of some of the hottest celebrities on naked bodies in some steamy action moments. What I like about the fake celebrity nudes collection is the fact that the bodies on which their faces were photoshopped are matching their original body type. And there are so many celebrities that got faked in this collection, from singers like Beyonce, Shakira, or Nicole Scherzinger to famous actresses like Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Mila Kunis or Salma Hayek.


Other Kinks In The 8Muses Collection

There are so many topics and kinks that are present in the comics and galleries that can be found on this site. Some of them are popular on porn tubes too, and some are a bit more fringe and all about fetishes. Cheating fantasies, interracial sex, cuckold stories and old vs young adventures are popular on the site. If you’re into BDSM, there are lots of slave fantasies in which you will find both male domination and female domination. If you’re into growing fantasies or massive tits and asses, you’ll find a lot of content on this topic too. And the site goes into the fringe zone too, with monster sex comics, but also with furry, anthro and even zoo porn content that will tickle some of the most twisted scenarios you might have running around in your head.


A Straightforward Site Design

When it comes to the technical aspects of 8Muses, we have to be forward about the fact that it does seem a bit rudimental. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the navigation on it is pretty good. You can find your way around the collection with a lot of ease, but there are still some things that could be added so that the browsing experience would be improved. On the front page of the site you will find lots of categories that aren’t ordered in a particular way and they don’t follow a logic thread. Some categories are about the kink portrayed in them, such as MILF Comics or Fake Celebrity Sex Pictures, but most of the categories are based around the studio that created the content.

There is no category list or a list of tags where you can go and choose from the kinks you’d like to browse. However, there is a search bar on the site where you can search for certain keywords and it seems to yield some good results. And then you can sort the results based on views, likes or upload date.


  • The main pro for this collection in my opinion is the fact that most of the content on the site is coming from small skilled creators. The advantage of having content that’s not produced by big companies or studios is the style and energy that the small creators can put into it. When the artists who are making the content truly have the kink that they portray in their work, the viewer can feel it in the final product. And the fact that the site runs a Discord server is also a nice plus, because it brings the community together and it encourages organically produced content for the site.


  • On the cons side, the biggest issue with the site is the interface. There should be some improvement done to the site, so that new visitors won’t be driven away from how the platform looks. However, the fans of the site don’t really care about that, as they are more into the quality of the content rather than the technicalities of the site.


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